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Welcome to Forever Magic!

"Forever Magic" is a fanmade site dedicated to the amazing comic series created by Elisabetta Gnone, which tells us the story of five relatively normal teenage girls whom are chosen to become the new Guardians of the Veil. They are entrusted with the powers of the five elements of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Quintessence, to aid them in their quest to protect the kingdom in the heart of infinity, known as Kandrakar, and the many different worlds in the vast universe from people and evil creaures who wish to cause harm to it.

"ForeverMagic" was created from the desire to have a unique fansite containing something other than just information and pictures, which we can find almost everywhere with just a quick search in Google.

The Name: 
The reason I chose to name this site "ForeverMagic", is because when Max9075 at the W.I.T.C.H.-forum I'm on (you'll find the link in the Links-section) suggested it or more like hinted that he hadn't seen that suggestion in a previous post I had made and probably thought it to be fitting, it reminded me of a comic with the same name. (Which was probably his intention. ^_^)

In the comic "Forever Magic", the five magical girls has been summoned by the elements themselves, and the Oracle says great changes are in store for them. The elements the girls possess knows that this group of guardians is the most powerful and united one, but they question the girls ability to withstand beforementioned changes.

The Oracle takes them to the Chamber of Spirits, and uses the Breath of Time to show Will in particular a single possible past: What would have happened if Will didn't accept the heart? It turns out that the girls are DESTINED to be Guardians, as the Heart and the powers were given to them, even if Will rejected it at first.

The Oracle also shows a single possible future to satisfy Cornelia and Taranees doubts: What would happen if they'd decide to give up their powers and duties as Guardians and live a normal life? We are given insights in the now grown Guardians, each with their own set of eternal gifts, careers and lives.

Taranee is a psychologist and dance instructor, Hay Lin is a flight attendant, Irma works as a trainee at the aquarium taking care of the animals and Cornelia works as a park ranger while Will has been struggling to find her own path.

They meet up and have to clean out their stuff from Ms. Rudolphs house (which they had used for a base for a long time) because Orube left for Basiliade and the city took an interest in it. They meet up with old aquantances such as Irma's big crush, Andrew Hornby, and Martin Tubbs.

Then the story kind of starts anew, with the girls gathered in Hay Lin's kitchen, around the table, with Hay Lin re-enacting the time when her grandmother gave the girls their powers. Will starts talking about how her friends were the stable things in her life, while her own powers were fleeting and unstable. The others had quickly figured out the lives and careers they wanted, while Will kept changing majors. But in the end she became a writer, and are about to publish a fantasy-book, based on their adventures when they were Guardians, which she had scribbled down out of boredom in the base. They decide to use the money she'll earn, to buy Ms. Rudolphs house back, to once again serve as a base for the the five girls.

The girls leave the Chamber of Spirits and Kandrakar with confusement and with more questions when they arrived at Kandrakar. As they sit and talk about their meeting Taranee has an ephipany:

The Oracle was trying to tell them something. And that thing is that, even after they gave up their powers, they could still feel each others presence, and they stayed in touch and are the best of friends, just like in the old days. The girls are united by something stronger than time and the elements they once possessed. Almost as if they were chosen based on a higher power.

The girls will forever be connected to each other through the strong, special and magical bonds of friendship that they have created and kept blooming.

So, onwards to the conclusion (I apologize for the lenghty "answer"):
Friendship is a magical thing, and if we nurture it and keep the bonds strong and special enough, they can overcome any obstacles.

No matter how far away we are from our friends in distance, no matter how long it takes for us to pick up the phone to send a text or call them, no matter how long it takes before we send them an e-mail, or see them on the street again:

Friendship is a magical thing and can overcome these obstacles and more, if we just take the time to tend to it.,

This is a site under construction!

Updates may come fast and often, or slow and seldom, all depending on how busy my offline life is.

As of now I'm concentrating on getting stuff together in a good way and getting it onsite, meaning there's a lot of writing to do, so the graphic design of the site will probably suffer for a while longer, at least until I feel there's enough information here to allow me to sit back and try to learn some more HTML and CSS.

But if anyone has knowledge about HTML and CSS, you are always welcome to throw a design my way!

Anyways, take a look around and enjoy yourself, because there's a LOT more to come!

W.I.T.C.H. Site of the Month - Award

I recently got a mail from *~Dark Crystal Queen~* (DCQ), the owner and moderator of the W.I.T.C.H. Fans Unite-website, where she informed me that ForeverMagic had won the W.I.T.C.H. Site of the Month for July!

And I figured this place where the best place to showcase this award!

Thank you *~Dark Crystal Queen~* and the voters on W.I.T.C.H. Fans Unite! I really appreciate it! ^_^